As your advocate for labor and employment issues, I have a specific understanding from my own workplace experiences. I have learned to take action despite challenges faced.

Originally from a low-income neighborhood in Pasadena, Texas, raised by a Mexican-immigrant mother, I learned what hard work was about. I later moved to Los Angeles, and pursued a career in the entertainment industry. I observed and experienced enough bad conduct to leave the industry and reset my focus. Collecting my experiences and observations, I sought to become a social worker in Houston, Texas. I learned the difficulties individuals faced within the systems, and it became clear to me that changes in the system would be needed to provide meaningful improvements and opportunities.

I decided to attend law school, with one goal - seeking fairness for individuals working within large systems. I returned to New York City and attended the City University of New York, a law school focused on social justice in the context of law. I hope that in my career, I can participate in improving economic fairness and have an impact that makes everyone's life easier and happier.